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You have to draw your own conclusions about a lot of the game. Do all the endings coexist canonically? For example, in one ending, your character escapes. In another, you realize you are a serial killer. Are both "true" within the game world? Is there a main character who escapes without ever realizing they are "the Surgeon" referenced in the newspaper clippings? Or, if you escape, are you not that person?

The medium is also "painted" in some cases. For example, at one point, the player is presented with a false option to leave a room -- the text looks like a link, but does not function as one. In another case, the text "HE LIES" appears briefly when a new character is introduced.

In addition to manipulating objects and exploration, another game mechanic is information. Bits of information in the game function kind of like invisible key items. For example, when you arrive at the end of the game, you get different dialog depending on if you met the woman. Your choices and the information both come into play at least one ending where the serial killer "The Surgeon," who you learn about through newspaper clippings, is relevant.

I did not create a map, but after being unable to find my way back to the section with the boys' dormitory, I realized I definitely should have made one!

General Discussion / Re: Ending hints
« on: November 26, 2017, 10:07:23 pm »
I was able to get six endings! I believe I saw all but ending #3. I was able to get Parenthood, Acceptance, Teacher, No Escape, Punishment, and Freedom, in more or less that order.

Not sure about the last one though!

Important information / Re: Error messages
« on: November 26, 2017, 10:02:17 pm »
I noticed one thing that I think is an error. (Spoilers!)

On the page where you search the coat pockets, if you click on the sweet wrapper's text before the handkerchief, the word "inside" incorrectly (I assume) links to the option related to the eyeball. I assume this happens because the word "inside" is used twice on the page? If you investigate the handkerchief first, it works as I think it's intended. You can still progress normally from there, so it's not a game-breaker, just confusing.

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